Moral decline among the Women and Children in Iganga District

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According to Faith Discipleship Ministries international (FAMI) observation, there is increased divorce among the married and high crime rate among the children in Bulamagi Sub-county , Iganga District.  

According to one day community workshop that took place at Buwasa Village, Bulamagi Sub-county, Iganga District in January,2020 organized by Faith Discipleship Ministries International(FAMI). The community members emphasized that some of the challenges leading to moral decline are:

Men reported that the freedom given to Women and Children in observation of their rights is one of the major causes of moral decline in Iganga. Men reported that Women and Children are given high priority by legal officers than Men.

Misunderstandings between the couples are contributing to decline of morals among the children. It was noted that there is no joint effort in nurturing Children by parents at home.

The law of the republic of Uganda caters for Women rights and Children rights than men. This means that men though are the head of the family are not listened to by the legal officers whenever, a case is reported by a child or Woman.

However, the training empowered Women leaders to effectively monitor and guide Women to have respect to their husbands. This will contribute to the decreased divorce among the married.

The organization pledged to train leaders to focus on children and Youth ministries. Whereby, children will have opportunity to meet weekly and shares their experiences through their discipleship classes. These will improve on moral decline among the Children.

The organization will organize trainings for the Women leaders, Youth leaders, Religious leaders and Local council leaders to jointly work towards the improvement of moral decline among the Women and Children in Iganga District.

Increased advocacy for Men rights will be given priority as given to Children and Women according to Ugandan law.

The organization in partnership with other organizations working with Women and Children will organize radio talk shows, community dialogues and workshops towards aiming at improved moral decline in the community.

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