FAMI leads Iganga District in a War against Gender Based Violence and HIV prevalence.

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FAMI has received grant through the UDHA-TASO to implement the Social Mobilization for HIV/AIDS and Gender based Violence among the communities of Nakalama and Bulamagi sub counties in Iganga district.

Rev. Samson Basome the FAMI Executive Director revealed during the project launch at Bulamagi Secondary school in Iganga that the prevalence of HIV and domestic violence is on the rise in Iganga saying that this created the need for a lasting solution to the community.

He noted that FAMI and partners have embarked on a project to sensitive and support victims and called upon the local community leaders.

A section of community leaders who were equiped with skills to fight GBV and HIV

A UHPIA report of 2020 puts the HIV prevalence at 5.3% and Gender based violence at 27%. It further indicates that the number of young girls who are being sexually abused have gone up to 51%.

To address the challenge, FAMI started by organizing cnsultative meeting with all the stakeholders in Iganga district. The meeting which was held at Hotel White called participation from the district leaders including the Chief Administrative Officer Iganga district, The resident district commissioner, the district chairperson, Community development officers among other stakeholders. The two sub counties of Nakalama and Bulamagi were also fairly represented.

Some of the Iganga district leadership during a consultative meeting with FAMI on how to curb the GBV and HIV to prevalence rates.

During the meeting, some of the members submitted that government officials are discriminating against men especially when it comes to the issue of GBV. 

It was however adopted that Men and boys be given equal treatment when it comes to receiving care and support to GBV and HIV related issues.

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