Education support to vulnerable and disadvantaged children including vocational skills training and Research

The following activities will be conducted to implement the above focus objective:

To offer education support to vulnerable and disadvantaged children with good academic performance at various levels including vocational skills training.

To train caregivers and teachers to teach in established pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and other vocational institutions.

To conduct research on salient identified issues in our focus areas to inform policy agendas  for development To advocate and lobby for vulnerable friendly policies in identified salient issues

To establish Early Childhood Development Centres ie Day care Centres & Nursery Schools among others.

To train caregivers (Baby seaters at homes / Maids, Day cares & Nursery section) on IECD policy & their roles on children.

To train parents and other IECD stake holders on KFCP, IECD policy & the importance of educating Children both Boy and Girl Child.

To sensitize parents and other stake holders in education to understand that all children in Uganda are entitled to have access to quality formal education services.

To establish private primary & secondary schools for the organization.

Establish Guidance and counseling sessions for the primary & secondary students and teachers.

Formulate a training policy for FAMI staff and teachers/ Child safe guarding policy.

To train school chaplains & establish chaplaincies in all Schools.

To secure scholarship/ Sponsorship to vulnerable & disadvantaged Children like orphans, the needy & underprivileged.

Provision of required materials to the needy, vulnerable & disadvantaged Children like second hand clothes, books etc

To conduct civic education on child abuse, Children rights, Domestic violence and elections.

To document salient issues in our areas of focus and develop policy agendas for attention of duty bearers and other stakeholders.

To advocate and lobby for vulnerable friendly policies in identifies salient issues.

To enhance research skills among the researchers

To put in place mechanism for dissemination and utilization of research results. To facilitate linkages with integrated researchers and organizations.