Training leaders to focus on Children and Youth ministries

To train leaders to focus on Youth and Children Ministries in and out of school including civic education.

To establish Children Churches (Sunday School Classes) at all congregations with a standard curriculum.

To recruit and train Youth and Children Evangelists to reach out to their fellow Youth and Children.

Establishment of task force spear head the training of Sunday School teachers.

Empowering Sunday school teachers with materials like Bibles & story books to support Children ministries.

Training School Chaplains & Scripture Union patrons in Schools.

To train and recruit Child and Youth evangelist to reach out to their fellow Youth and Children.

Organizing seminars for teachers, Children & Students at Schools.

Organizing refresher courses for Sunday school teachers in the area of coverage.

Establishing Annual Children Conferences

Support and train caregivers (Baby seaters at homes / Maids) on IECD policy & their roles on children.

Establishment of youth mission team to spear head the mission

Empower Youth ministries through regular workshops and seminars for youth.

Establishing Youth Centers and Conference halls

Establish Guidance and counseling sessions for the children, youth and singles.

Support capacity building of youth leadership (Leadership trainings & meetings for the Youth).

Establish youth income and social projects to keep them Busy and self-sustenance.