Poverty Eradication through Social-Economic Initiatives and implementation of health improvement projects

To reduce poverty through development of social-economic initiatives, self-help projects and to implement health improvement projects.

To start income generating projects such as commercial farming, tree planting, computer training, tailoring, shoe making and other craft skills targeting the Youth, Men and Women.

To establish health improvement projects such as health centres and outreach health services targeting OVCs, Women and Youth.

To ensure personal hygiene, availability and management of clean water and sanitation for all.

To main stream Gender, Environment, HIV/AIDS and creation of awareness of other related diseases across all projects in the focus area during their implementation

Strengthening FAMI Savings and Corporative Societies (SACCOs).

Election & training of SACCO Committee to monitor day to day activities of the SACCOs.

Mobilization of members to join the SACCO (Brochures, Airtime & Sensitization).

Establishment of Village banks in FAMI’s area of operation.

Promotion of self-help &income generation activities to community members.

Sensitization & establishment of modern methods of farming in partnership with government extension works like rearing goats, piglet and poultry

Establishing Demonstration site for FAMI income generating projects like commercial farming, Rearing goats, Cattle, piglet and poultry.

Implementation of health improvement projects

To Create Health awareness days  to improve on health status of the community members.

To Promote hygiene& Sanitation  programs at personal, family and community level.

To establish Health Centres and outreach health services.

Tree planting to act as source of income generating projects of FAMI

Establishing Nursery beds for different types of trees to act as a source of income for FAMI

Planting trees to promote environment protection and conservation  as well as a future source of income for FAMI

Sensitizing community on environmental protection and conservation

Promotion of Agro-farming i.e. passion fruit, pawpaw and jack fruit plantation

Establish Guidance and counseling sessions for the Adults, Youth and singles on HIV /AIDS, Cancer & other killer diseases its causes & control.