Parents are encouraged to monitor their children while reading at home.

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In the situation where there is a ban of all education Institutions due to Covid19. Parents are encouraged to introduce reading corner for their Children at home and also to monitor and give guidance while reading.

The executive Director Faith Discipleship Ministries International (FAMI) who gave out reading materials and story books to Children at Buwasa, Bulamagi sub-county, Iganga District has encouraged parents to keep their children buzy through encouraging them to read their books and story books. This means that after domestic work such as gardening, washing clothes, plates and cleaning the compound children have to read such that they don’t forget what they had learnt but at the same time to limit children from moving the whole village where they are at a risk of copying bad habits such as fornication that has caused increased early pregnancy in the area. FAMI is committed to organise parents workshops on parenting and child protection.

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