Youth skilling for wealth creation

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Nationally, according to population estimates 2019, the population of Uganda is around 44.27 million. 80% of Uganda’s youth live in rural areas and only one out of four young people age 10-24 reside in urban areas.  The fact that most households are headed by young people (10.9% young males aged 10-24 are heading households) and women renders 38.5% of young people aged 10-19 to live in the poorest wealth quintiles. In Iganga District and Divisions of Municipality most families are living in condition of extreme poverty and consequently most of them have no possibility to afford the costs of basic needs, such as shelter, education, healthcare and food. This situation has forced the youth to migrate from their parents to streets in towns and trading Centres in search of better life and survival. This influx of the youth causes high population in towns with no enough jobs to absorb them hence unemployment. As a result the youth do involve in illegal activities such as theft, gangsters, kidnapping, strikes, chewing chat (local stimulant plant) and drinking alcohol to sustain their lives. FAMI has started to respond to the above challenges by targeting 180 youth of these 100 females and 80 males through skills training and facilitating the youth to start up self help projects such as training the youth in rural and urban farming, shoe making, tailoring, hair dressing and carpentry and training them to develop business plans for soliciting for funds and marketing their businesses.The trainings are organized at parish levels at church of Uganda premises. This is anticipated to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S) as set out by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030 such as SDG one, eradication of poverty which is also in line with Skilling Uganda strategy (2011-2020) aimed at creating employable skills and competencies relevant in the labour market.  However, the cost of vocational skills training, starting self help projects, engaging in small business and rural and urban farming on and addition to mind set among the Youth is still beyond to many poor families living in Iganga District and Municipality. Therefore, a need for governments intervention and other agencies in supporting FAMI to continue reaching out to the youths in Iganga District in the selected sub-counties of Nakalama, Nakigo, Bulamagi, Nawanyingi and Division of Iganga Municipality with economic sustainable approaches including skilling the youth for wealth creation and livelihood/rural and urban farming to support as an alternative income generating activity among other approaches.


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  1. There is a need the Government and other agencies to join Faith Discipleship Ministries International(FAMI) to continue reaching out to the Youth with economic sustainable approaches such as farming and skilling for wealth creation.

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