Teachers should engage in other economic activities in order to earn extra income to supplement on their salaries.

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Teachers and other civil servants such as Nurses, lecturers, veterinary officers etc are encouraged to start income generating activities such as farming, brick laying, trade, writing and publishing books in order to live the life styles of their dreams. Samson Basome is a professional teacher, priest, the founder and executive Director Faith Discipleship Ministries International(FAMI) and is married to Faith who is also a professional teacher. He says since the time he was qualified and started teaching he has never got a full salary because he started the professional job through acquiring a salary loan. He has served with loans from different Banks such as salary loan & micro loan among other loans from money lenders, school association and village Banks. I got married to Faith is 2010 when I had spend 2 years without handling my ATM card, because I had a salary loan with stanbic bank and money lender who had taken my ATM card as a loan security. When I got married with my wife we first lived a life of complain of getting inadequate salary not until we started investing the little money we were getting in different activities and also developed a culture of saving. We secured my ATM card from the money lender. My wife and I have been able to send our children to good schools and also to help the needy children go to school. My wife and I we have bought a plot and build our family a lovely home. On top of that I am pursuing a course leading to PhD in education. As teachers having part time income generating activities creates such joy in our lives and gives us hope for our future and the future of our Children. This gives me opportunity as Executive Director and the founder of Faith Discipleship Ministries International(FAMI) to lead by example and to teach and empower the community/ civil servants through the organisation to start self income generating activities of how to get out of poverty. We are also encouraging students who are graduating and those at home due to covid19 epidemic to invest in themselves and start income generating activities because jobs are scarce in Uganda. Lastly I and my wife have just built our home at Busei, Iganga, Uganda. We looking forward to buying more land and building on that too. That will serve as rental homes so we shall be getting more of a regular income. I will be graduating with a PhD in education in 2021 and we are also excited if God wishes to but our first car which will be a Toyota. Teachers and other civil servants debts and loans are part of life, so starting part time generating activities, I understand the challenges you are going though could be part of your history and not our future. In conclusion I concentrated on teachers because that is my profession but all civil servants, employees in different companies and all community members, we need to have more income generating activities because it gives us chance to ran out of poverty. As Faith Discipleship Ministries International we are looking forward to get support to reach out the community to teach community members and other civil servants on how to start income generating activities in order to eradicate poverty.

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