Difficult beginning brings God’s glory

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Rev.Samson Basome the executive Director Faith Discipleship Ministries International (FAMI) noted that FAMI has been involved in Evangelism and Discipleship Ministries  in some parts of Uganda through: Capacity building of leaders in Evangelism and Discipleship, Leadership training to focus on youth and Children ministries, establishment of children churches, fellowships and Bible study programmes in Churches and Home cells in families. God has been taking our initiatives & basic trainings & multiplying it for his kingdom.

He noted that FAMI Ministry verse is 2Timothy 2:2 quote:  “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others “has proved to be very for Namalemba and Bummozi development committee significant. We have been passing on the knowledge about children ministry to trust worthy women & men in the names of Sunday school teachers who have done a great job of disseminating the same to the children. The Ugandan child has benefited & in turn passing it to the wider community. To date early pregnancy has been decreased from 30% Girl child who drop out from school in the term to 10%, Many Girls participate in church activities such as singing in the choir, and some are chairperson Scripture unions at schools. FAMI is targeting to achieve 1% early pregnancy within a period of three years.

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